Detoxifying Ayurvedic Treatments

Detoxifying Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic body treatments are an integral part of most treatment plans.  In addition to the physical benefits of helping with pain management, reducing congestion and alleviating muscular tension, Ayurvedic body treatments also induce a deeply relaxed state of mind and are great for tackling stress.


Udvartana (Herbal Body Scrub/Massage)

A relaxing exfoliating massage which uses finely ground Ayurvedic herbs, which include exotic sandalwood mixed into precious herb-infused oils, which makes the skin soft and gives it a lustrous glow.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £65

Pinda Sveda (Massage with Herbal Poultices)

A rejuvenating, strengthening, and deeply nourishing massage which uses cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs which are then pressed gently over the body to help alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions and stress.

Full body:

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £75

Back only:

Duration: 30 mins

Price: £40


All timings refer to the full appointment and include time for a brief introductory discussion, changing clothes, etc.

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