A consultation is the best way to start your Ayurvedic journey. The initial consultation lasts around an hour and takes the form of a relaxed discussion. During this time, we will discuss in detail your medical history, any current health issues, diet, lifestyle and Ayurvedic constitution.

At the end of the discussion we will decide on a treatment plan which is manageable for you in your current circumstances. This will typically include a combination of dietary suggestions, herbal medicines, body treatments/massage and lifestyle recommendations.

All my initial consultations are done in-person and by prior appointment. I have a waiting list which means at times there may be a slight delay before your initial consultation but, once we have done this, I am able to fit people in for follow-up sessions at fairly should notice.

Initial consultation (approx. 60 minutes): £65*
Subsequent consultations – by phone or in-person (approx. 20 minutes): £25

*It is likely herbal medicines and body treatments will be recommended as an integral part of your treatment plan. These are charged separately. Herbal medicines range in price from £11 to £16 and two or three may be suggested as part of your initial plan. Body treatments range in price from £45 to £75 depending on the treatment and the duration.