Ayurvedic Consultations

In my practice I use the principles of Ayurveda to work with the root cause of a problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.  The initial consultation lasts around an hour and takes the form of a friendly and relaxed discussion.  During this time, we will cover medical history, symptoms of the current imbalance, diet, lifestyle and constitution. All of this allows me to build up a detailed picture of why you may have become ill and what we need to do to resolve the issues.


At the end of the consultation we will decide on a treatment plan together which is manageable for you in your current circumstances.  This will typically include a combination of dietary suggestions, herbal medicines, massage treatments and lifestyle recommendations.  Usually we will arrange a follow-up appointment for 2-4 weeks’ time.


All my consultations are done by prior appointment and in person.  I have a waiting list which means at times there may be a slight delay before your initial consultation but, once we have done this, I am able to fit people in for follow-ups at fairly short notice


Initial consultation (approx. 60 minutes): £65

Subsequent consultations (approx. 25 minutes): £30