An initial consultation is a vital part of the treatment process as it allows me to gain an in-depth understanding of your illness or condition, the symptoms that you are experiencing, your medical history and any dietary or lifestyle factors that may be aggravating your symptoms.  This consultation lasts for around 60 minutes.


Based on this discussion, I will draw up a treatment plan.  This will typically include a combination of nutrition, herbal medicines, body treatments/massage and lifestyle recommendations.  A week after the first consultation we will have a 30 minute follow-up appointment when I will go through the treatment plan with you in detail so that you can ask any questions.  I will provide you with any of the herbal medicines that are recommended at this time.


Four weeks after the second appointment we will have a telephone call to assess how you are feeling and whether we need to modify the treatment plan.


Four weeks later, we will schedule a further 60 minute consultation. At this appointment we will decide what, if any, further treatment is required.  This  will, of course, vary from person to person based on individual needs, how long you have suffered with the condition, etc.




Consultation (60 minutes)                                                      £65*

Consultation (30 minutes)                                                      £35*

Follow-up phone consultation (15 minutes)                        £20

Follow-up phone consultation (30 minutes)                        £35

It is likely that herbal medicines will be recommended as an integral part of your treatment plan.  These are charged separately.


*Payment for the initial 60 minute consultation and the first 30 minute follow-up appointment is due at the end of the first appointment.