Your journey towards better health starts with an in-depth consultation.  We will talk at length about any health issues you are experiencing, your medical history and any dietary or lifestyle factors that may be aggravating your symptoms.  The conversation is relaxed and you will have time to fully discuss the issues that are troubling you.


Based on this discussion, I will draw up a treatment plan.  This will include a combination of diet, herbal medicines, clinical massage treatments and lifestyle advice.


Around a week after the first consultation, we will have a second appointment when I will talk through the treatment plan in detail so you feel confident with it.  At this time, I will also provide you with any herbal medicines that are necessary.  This appointment is included in the cost of the Initial Consultation.


Four weeks after this appointment we will have a 15 minute telephone call so you can ask any questions and we can talk about how you’ve been getting on.  After a further four weeks, we’ll meet again in the clinic to review progress and decide on next steps.  These will, of course, vary from person to person based on individual needs, how long you have suffered with the conditions, etc.




Initial Consultation (approx. 60 minutes):     £125


Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes):            £40


Phone Consultation: (15 minutes):                £20


Phone Consultation: (30 minutes):                £40


It is likely that bespoke herbal medicines will be recommended as an integral part of your treatment plan.  These are charged separately and will cost approximately £25-£35 per month depending on what is required.