Ayurvedic Treatments

Massage therapies are integral to Ayurveda and a course of specific treatments may be suggested as part of your treatment plan.  However, many can also be enjoyed as standalone treatments for a wonderfully relaxing treat.


Please click on each treatment for more details.

Shirodara (Forehead Oil Flow Treatment)                   60 mins/£65


Ayurvedic Full Body Massage                                        60 mins/£60


Ayurvedic Back Massage                                                45 mins/£45


Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage                                     45 mins/£45


Ayurvedic Head Massage                                               45 mins/£45


Ayurvedic Face Massage                                                 45 mins/£45


Ayurvedic Massage for the Feet and Lower Legs       45 mins/£45


Ayurvedic Massage for the Hands and Forearms      40 mins/£40


Ayurvedic Herbal Scrub Massage                                  60 mins/£65


Ayurvedic Massage using Herbal Poultices                 60 mins/£70


Authentic Ayurvedic Basti Treatments:

Upper Back and Neck                                                     60 mins/£65

Lower Back                                                                       60 mins/£65

Heart/Chest                                                                      60 mins/£65

All timings refer to the full appointment and include time for a brief introductory discussion, changing clothes, etc.


Courses of treatments must be booked and paid for in advance.