Prakriti and Vikriti

Prakriti is your basic body type.  This body type arises from a unique combination of the five elements which dictates the predominance of one or more doshas. There are no two beings with the exact same combination. Prakriti is unchanging throughout life and is your true nature or genetic make-up.

While Prakriti describes the genetic body type and the state of true balance, Vikriti describes the current state of health and wellbeing.  Vikriti is changeable and is the result of all external influences including food, sleep, physical environment, stress, emotions and activity.  When Vikriti – or current state of health – moves dramatically away from Prakriti, an imbalance occurs in the body and mind.  If this imbalance isn’t addressed, it can progress further down the pathway towards ill-health and chronic disease.

True health is achieved when Vikriti (currently health) largely reflects Prakriti (genetic constitution).  During the consultation, your Prakriti and Vikriti are assessed through questioning, pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis.

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