Wherever there’s life, there’s Ayurveda

I often get asked about Ayurveda.  Some people know the literal definition – the science of life – and others speak about an ancient health system, doshas or of its origins in India.

None of that is wrong.  But in its essence, Ayurveda is everything around us.  It’s the unconscious processes that allow our bodies to function; it’s the life force that causes the seed to push through the soil and grow; it’s the energy that connects us one with another and all living things.

In my practice, I help people understand the natural science of Ayurveda and use this knowledge to live healthy, fulfilling lives – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Not all of my approaches are traditionally Ayurvedic.  I work in a western culture and often it is more appropriate and acceptable to my clients to use herbs, nutrition and lifestyle approaches that resonate with our physical and social environment.  This is not to diminish the origin of Ayurveda but rather to embrace the concept and to apply the science to the world around us.

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